For many years, the endoscope has been used in the field of medicine to provide an alternative to invasive surgery., which results in quicker recovery times. Endoscopy has now found its way into dentistry, and more specifically into the practice of periodontics.

Perioscopy is a tiny fiberoptic endoscopic camera that adapts to our instruments and allows us to actually see below the gumline while we are working. The device serves as camera as well as a microscope that magnifies an area of the tooth up to 46 times. It puts the the image on a monitor that enables our clinicians to see microscopic sized particles of tatar and plaque that could not previously be seen or removed.



Perioscopy is ideal for patients who have only one or just a few specific problem areas, but otherwise healthy teeth and gums. It is also a valid alternative for patients who cannot have a conventional surgery. Perioscopy appointments are scheduled for an hour, during which the patient can observe the procedure on TV. Perioscopy does not replace conventional treatment, such as scaling and root planing, but rather is in addition to traditional procedures.