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HPV Testing

Testing for HPV in the Dental Office 
Just a quick gargle with a mouth rinse and results in a week 
We at Periodontal and Implant Specialists of Beverly Hills, want to be 
part of your first line of defense in maintaining your overall good health. 
For this reason our office now offers a simple, quick, non-invasive test for 
a strain of human papilloma virus, that can become cancerous if left 
undetected and untreated. In fact, 41,000 people a year are diagnosed with oral 
cancer. Unfortunately, most of them are diagnosed in the late stages of the 
cancer. Approximately, 12,000 people die of oral cancer a year.

The human papilloma virus, commonly known as HPV, 
is one of the most common virus groups in the world today. While most types 
are easily treated and non-cancerous, four types of virus — 16, 18, 31 and 
32 are far more serious, causing lesions on the skin and in the mouth that 
can become cancerous. The test involves a quick gargle with a mouth rinse 
that is sent out for lab analysis. In roughly one week our office will call you 
with the results. “We encourage our patients to consider taking this 
one-minute test in our office, just to be certain,” advises Dr. Ari Rosenblatt.

If HPV is discovered, we will refer you immediately to an ear, nose and 
throat specialist (ENT) for an evaluation. The ENT will follow up with you 
to rule out any throat lesions. You may be under the assumption that this 
virus only affects sexually active adults, but others are also vulnerable — 
including people with suppressed immune systems as well as diabetics. This 
virus can also spread through casual contact, such as sharing drinks.